• We as Rainmakers have a rigorous ethos.  Simple. Relevant. Famous. Simple always. Life is complicated enough. Relevance is all about strategic insight. And famous ideas. Make your brand a part of the culture. Get it talked about. Make it popular.

  • Why Rain? Some of our campaigns  have dozens of different digital initiatives—individual raindrops—that together drive brand growth. Some of our campaigns are mass media thunderstorms that put the brand everywhere. That’s Rain. It makes brands grow.

  • 43? That’s our GPS way-point locations in Toronto  where we are proudly, boldly, donut-obsessedly, snowmobiling, socialized health caring, stand-on-guard-for-thee psychotically polite, really modest Canadians.

  • We are a smart agency for a smart world.  All that super-smart technology people are connected to is growing and morphing daily. It’s our job to be experts on every aspect of it. What developments are going to be fundamental to your customer’s lives. And what new gewgaws will quickly end up in the cyber trash heap.

  • We have an amazing system  with a totally boring name. Our Customer Delivery System is a tool to maximize campaign efficiency. We believe it is the single most important planning tool for advertising success. It lays out where your customers are, how to talk to them, how to convince them and how to convert them. It’s singular goal is to create a linear path to delivering customers to your brand and your products. It’s quite extraordinary. Still a dull name though.