We showed consumers how to get farm-grown food delivered to their front door.

The Stubborn Farmer is as uncompromising as he is earnest. He believes that wholesome, nourishing and delicious food can be produced with care and patience in an ethical, respectful, and sustainable manner. To that end, his cows, hens, chickens, sheep, and pigs are raised on balanced, fresh, and natural pastures free from harmful antibiotics, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. As a result, his products – plant and animal – are naturally healthy, nutritious, and flavourful.

Surprisingly, most consumers don’t know where their food comes from or how those animals are treated. So, we set out to change that and illustrate how well the Stubborn Farmer treats his animals. And how his farm-grown, home-delivered approach to food is beneficial to you, your family, and our community.