Redefining cannabis’ role in the lives of healthy Canadians.

As the countdown to cannabis legalization in Canada began, Greenstar, a joint venture between Constellation Brands and Canopy Growth, set about developing a range of cannabis beverage products. They came to us with a brief that was simple, yet complicated - they wanted to launch a cannabis beverage brand, but weren’t sure who their audience would be, or what might motivate someone to choose one of their beverages.

The Quatreau logo
A can of Quatreau, a glass, headphones and a guitar in a sunlit room

For active, health-conscious Canadians, cannabis was growing in appeal over alcohol.

Can of Quatreau situated in front of a glass of ice
A bar cart displaying cans of Quatreau and empty glasses
A can of Quatreau on a wooden tabl with a book, alongside two comfortable chairs

We set to work researching the potential motivations for a cannabis beverage. Why would someone opt for this? Especially over something more available and accepted, like alcohol? What we uncovered is that for active, health-conscious Canadians, cannabis was growing in appeal over alcohol. It was lower in calories, had less sugar, and it didn’t threaten to leave them in bed with a hangover on Sunday morning.

With this, we defined how this brand would challenge common perceptions: when Canadians choose cannabis, they can enjoy a buzz without the guilt.

This challenge led to the development and naming of the sparkling water cannabis beverage, Quatreau: an all-natural beverage with only four simple ingredients. We also developed the full brand identity and packaging design for the initial skews, as well as tone of voice and persona direction.

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