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Solving the workforce clallenges of tomorrow, today.

We live in an ever-changing world. Economic shifts, technological advancements and cultural changes can interrupt tried and true methods to success. The Future Skills Centre (funded by the Canadian government) is tasked with engaging the skill development ecosystem, to help Canadian workers transition to new jobs before sector-wide change takes hold. In a cultural moment where we want to see our workforce thriving, FSC is forecasting change and working with its parters to keep Canadian workers employed. The challenge was, they hadn’t gotten the word out about their skill development efforts.

The Future SKills Centre logo

“They anticipate change and help equip Canadian workers with the skills they need to pivot today and succeed tomorrow.”

Future Skills Centre needed help bringing their impactful work into the public eye. So, we developed a brand platform and awareness campaign to drive attention to FSC and solidify them as the future problem-solvers for the Canadian workforce.

We positioned FSC as the innovator who anticipates change and helps equip Canadian workers with the skills they need to pivot and move in a new, successful direction.

We produced online video and social media creative to support the message, featuring our “glowing gateway” - the creative representation of FSC enabling our workforce to take a confident step forward over the threshold and into the future.

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